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How to save thousands of dollars when you buy foreign currency to pay your child’s foreign study? The author shares how he did it in his book priced at MYR 39.90

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Plus in the next five minutes, you could learn how much the bank makes from you every time you buy foreign currency, using the exact formula I’ve developed when I need to plan for my child’s foreign study. The table below compares how much 6 local and international banks in Malaysia make every time you buy foreign currency from them.

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For every 10,000 Sterling Pound, you buy, the bank with the highest profit built into its exchange rate makes 2,712 Malaysian Ringgit. Do you want to buy from the bank that makes only 462 Malaysian Ringgit? You can make up to 5,600% return with your first 10,000 Sterling Pound buy after investing 39.90 on this book.


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Author/Publisher : Tan Chee Chong; First edition (March, 2018)

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ISBN-13 : 978-9671588000

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